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Aztec Driveways - Concrete Drives Image
Aztec Driveways - Concrete Drives Image


Polished Concrete

What is Polished Concrete?

Aztec Driveways - Decorative Concrete Interior FloorsNew or existing concrete is usually lightly ground and then polished with a series of diamond pads with specialised machines.

Concrete can be polished from a honed effect right down to a mirror finish. A hardening compound is added during the polishing process.

Coloured concrete dyes can also be applied to alter the appearance. New concrete can have decorative aggregates added for a unique finish. Existing concrete floors can be ground down to expose the aggregate and polished. With added stain and hardener this can transform a drab concrete slab into a beautiful cost effective floor.

What makes Polished Concrete unique?

  • Aztec Driveways - Concrete Polishing Machine Ease of maintenance, just a mop.
  •  Eco-friendly, great for allergy sufferers.
  •  Concrete is the optimum for underfloor heating performance.
  •  Cost effective beautiful surfaces that last a lifetime.

Apart from new and existing floors we have made worktops, window boards/sills, bespoke signs with sandblasted designs, patio tables and outdoor cooking areas. (The wind doesn't blow our tables across the garden!).

Anywhere you require an attractive durable smooth surface, inside or out, polished concrete could be the solution. We like a challenge.

Polished Concrete Sample 1 Polished Concrete Sample 2 Polished Concrete Sample 3


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